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Will Broward County Lower the Penalties for Drug Crimes?

Recently, commissioners of Broward County voted in favor of lowering penalties for the possession of marijuana.

The Vice Mayor of Broward County states he believes that by allowing police officers to give civil citations rather than making arrests on those in possession of marijuana, individuals can have another shot at life. Of course, when the Vice Mayor says, “another shot,” he means not penalizing a person by complicating life matters such as obtaining a job, applying for school, buying a house, and more.

The conclusion of the vote ended with the following decision:

  • First-time offenders will be issued a $100 fine.
  • Second-time offenders will be issued a $250 fine.
  • Third-time offenders will be issued a $500 fine and a mandatory drug assessment.
  • Subsequent offenders will be charged with a misdemeanor.
  • Police officers can arrest a person if the officer believes the person is carrying with the intent to sell.

Sources have not yet stated when this law will go into effect.

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