Penalties for Assault

Legal Assistance for Those Charged With Assault

Assault is a criminal offense that can result in fines and incarceration for the convicted. The accused need the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to protect their rights. In this blog post, Hager & Schwartz will discuss the potential penalties for Flordia assault convicts.

Defining the Crime of Assault

According to Florida law, an assault is defined as a threat by one person to carry out an act of violence against another. In order to be a crime, the assault must involve what would reasonably be considered a serious threat that can actually be carried out, creating a sense of fear in the victim that physical harm is imminent.

Assault is often combined into the term assault and battery, but this refers to a crime that involves direct physical contact. There are actually different types of related crimes on the books in Florida, including aggravated assault, in which the threat is enhanced by some type of weapon.

A conviction for simple assault can result in a jail sentence of up to 60 days and a fine of as much as $500. The penalties for other types of assault can be significantly higher.

Defenses for the Accused

In order to secure an assault conviction, a prosecutor must prove that what occurred was intentional. It must further be established that the defendant clearly threatened the victim through words or other actions and was capable of turning these threats into actual violence.

However, these requirements open the door to a number of defenses that can be used by the accused. A criminal defense attorney will challenge the various aspects of an assault charge, which can lead to a lessening of the penalties or even a dismissal of the case.

Defense lawyers will provide representation and advice throughout the process in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your potential case. It is for these and other reasons why those charged with assault should consider contacting the law firm of Hager & Schwartz.

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