What Defenses Are Available to Florida Assault and Battery Charges?

Assault and battery charges almost always stem from unwanted physical contact between people. Typically, the individual who starts the physical contact against the other person will be the one charged with assault and battery. However, there are situations where charges could be applied to all individuals who were involved.

Now, if you’ve been arrested on assault and battery charges, it can feel as if you’ve thrown away the life you’ve worked so hard for. Fortunately, this is rarely the case, and by working with an experienced Broward criminal defense attorney, you will have the best chances of fighting your charges and returning to your best life possible.

Defending Your Future

When you work with a trusted defense attorney following an arrest for assault and battery charges, they will ask you to explain your situation to them. Based on what you tell them, they will work to gather information and evidence to build a case to support your side of the story, in hopes of having your charges lowered or dropped completely.


One of, if not the most common defense to assault and battery charges is to demonstrate that you acted out of self-defense. If you were put in a situation where you felt you or another person were in danger due to the actions of the alleged victim, you could have your charges dropped.

A Lack of Evidence

The second most common defense to these charges is to prove that there is no compelling evidence to support the claims made by the victim. An experienced attorney can help you gather information and help prove that there is no convincing evidence to support the victim’s claims.

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