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Domestic violence can be classified as any physical and/or emotional abuse between parties involved in a domestic relationship. These offenses commonly take place between spouses, cohabitating couples, and family members, and can include any of the following behavior:

All of these actions can be prosecuted under the law as either a misdemeanor or a felony offense. With domestic violence offenses, there are many factors that can result in elevated charges and penalties, including serious injury, injuries to minors, sexual assaults, and prior convictions. If these elements are involved in your case, the need for experienced legal representation becomes crucially important.

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Domestic Violence Penalties in Broward County

Florida enforces strict penalties when it comes to domestic violence. Although cases will always vary based on the charge involved and the unique facts and circumstances at play, the following penalties are common consequences associated with domestic violence convictions:

  • Imprisonment - Imprisonment is a common penalty for convicted domestic violence offenders, and it can constitute long sentences in cases involving serious crimes or repeat offenses. Even in misdemeanor cases, guilty parties could face up to one year in jail. Additionally, Florida imposes a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days in cases where domestic violence resulted in an injury to the victim.
  • Enhancements - Prosecutors closely look at the circumstances of an alleged crime and the background of the defendant in order to impose enhancements that can elevate charges and penalties. For example, if you have a previous conviction for domestic violence or simple, aggravated, or felony battery, new domestic violence charges may be treated as felonies.
  • Court-Ordered Classes - As part of sentencing, convicted individuals are often required to complete anger management / domestic violence courses at their own expense.
  • Firearms restrictions - Under federal law, individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence are prohibited from owning, using, or possessing a firearm

Aside from these penalties, hefty fines, and court-ordered community service, domestic violence convictions can create many other consequences, including barriers to gainful employment. Knowing that the stakes are high, our attorneys always work toward securing the best outcome possible, whether that means a case dismissal or a reduction of charges and penalties.

Former Prosecutors on Your Side

Domestic violence has become a hot button issue across Florida and the entire country. Today, the statistics, social, and economic impact of domestic violence are well known and they motivate prosecutors to gain convictions and impose tough penalties.

As former state prosecutors, Attorneys John Hager and Brett Schwartz know the tactics prosecutors use and leverage this insider information when defending our clients. You have the edge when you have former prosecutors on your side.

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Hager & Schwartz, P.A. is passionate about protecting the rights of clients who have found themselves thrown into the criminal justice system, including those facing all types of domestic violence allegations. Because time is an important factor, we encourage you to reach to our firm as soon as possible.

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