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Have an Outstanding Warrant in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

When an individual has failed to make a court appearance, a "bench warrant" will be issued with their name on it. This warrant means that as soon as law enforcement finds them, whether in a traffic stop, at work or at home, they will immediately be arrested and put in jail.

Sometimes, a person may not have even been aware that there was a bench warrant out for their arrest on it until they are taken into custody. Things like changing an address without providing this information to the clerk's office can lead to an unsuspecting detainee.

Most bench warrants are issued with a set bond amount—but only for misdemeanor offenses—which allows the individual, once arrested, to pay the bond amount in order to be released from jail.

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Alias Capias Warrant in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If a bench warrant is related to a felony offense, in this case, the warrant is referred to as an "alias capias" and is very serious matter. If there is an alias capias warrant or a probation violation warrant out for your arrest, you could be held without chance of bail, until the entire criminal case has made its way through the court system to the verdict.

Defenses for Bench Warrants in Fort Lauderdale

With the assistance of our skilled defense team, legal actions can be taken to get the warrant removed as quickly as possible.

Our Fort Lauderdale bench warrant attorneys can help you with the following:

  • Determining if there is an outstanding warrant for you
  • Provide defense before, during, and after your court appearance
  • Locate any violations of your rights during the arrest or if the warrant was issued incorrectly

In some cases, the warrant could be mistakenly issued, as the order to appear in court may have been sent to an old address, wrong address or other problem. The court sends the warrant only to the address that is on file, and if you no longer reside at that address, and do not receive it, no further efforts are made to find you; a warrant is merely issued for your arrest. If it can be proven that you were properly notified, the warrant will be on file and if stopped by law enforcement, you will be put in jail.

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  • Case Dismissed
  • No Conviction
  • Charges Dropped
  • Charges Were Not Filed
  • Case Dismissed

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