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Have a Criminal Record in Broward County? Put the Past Behind You.

If you want to make your permanent criminal record inaccessible, there are two ways to accomplish this: through expungement or record sealing. Many individuals are not aware that arrests in your past will be listed on your criminal record, even if you were completely exonerated of the charges or the case was dismissed. Having your record expunged or sealed can vastly improve your quality of life.

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What are the Benefits for Expungement in Fort Lauderdale?

Expunging your criminal record could have the following benefits:

  • Make it easier for you to find and keep a job
  • Make you eligible to receive promotions at work
  • Allow you to finish school or pursue higher education
  • Allow you to obtain certain licenses or have certain rights

You may also wish to expunge any past convictions. This can be done under specific circumstances. To find out if you are eligible, get in touch with our Fort Lauderdale expungement attorneys at Hager & Schwartz, P.A. We can explain the expungement process and help determine your eligibility.

Am I Eligible for an Expungement in Florida?

Do you have a criminal offense on record that feels like a blemish to your good name? You know you are a good, hard-working citizen, but the record still stands in the way. Even if the charges against you were dropped, it can be disheartening to know that they still remain on your record. However, there is a way to put the past behind you through expunction – provided that you meet the requirements.

What is an Expungement?

An expungement means that all public record of the conviction is erased, as though it had never happened. An expungement would give you the legal right to deny having a criminal conviction on your record, provided it is an eligible offense.

However, there are some caveats, meaning there are certain exceptions to what can and cannot be expunged. If you were found guilty of a crime, either by jury trial or your own admission of guilt, this cannot be expunged. Very serious crimes cannot be expunged, either.

Crimes that Cannot be Expunged in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

For example, offenses that are NOT eligible for expunction include:

Record Sealing in Florida

Another alternative would be sealing your record. While this process does not necessarily destroy your criminal history, it does block public access to your record, which means it won't come up if a potential employer were to run a criminal background check.

Difference Between Expungement and Sealing in Florida

Record sealing and expungement, though similar, are two different processes with two different results. If your record is sealed, the information will not be available to any public entity. However, it would be available to certain government entities in its entirety. If your criminal record is expunged, these same government entities would have to get a court order to view your criminal record.

If a government entity tried to view your criminal record, they would only receive a message that it has been expunged. If they wish to view this expunged record, they would have to get a court order signed before they would be able to legally view your record. Both of these legal actions are useful when you want to clean up your record. Depending on your case, you may be eligible for one or the other.

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