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When facing criminal charges, it is best to be as informed as possible. Often having the right amount of knowledge is the best defense available. It helps to ensure that no one can take advantage of your situation. The law is designed to carefully protect your rights and it is important that you make sure no one violates those rights--even the government itself.

Our firm can help you on both fronts. First, we see it as our duty to keep you as informed as possible throughout your case. This includes making sure that you know all the details of the accusations brought against you, the possible consequences, and how the trial will work. Second, we can help make sure you rights are upheld at all costs. The first step, then, is understanding the nature of mail and wire fraud.

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What is Considered Mail Fraud?

As time goes on, white collar crime becomes more and more complicated and involved. Mail fraud is subject to this evolution. This offense involves anything that interferes with the US Postal Service. This country's mail system is run by the federal government--hence the federal crime status--and has been around as the long as the country has. Any fraud that uses this system as its vehicle is taken very seriously.

Here are common examples of mail fraud:

  • Phony advertising
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Property scams
  • Anything meant to defraud a person of money or property

What is Wire Fraud?

In more recent years, wire fraud has also presented itself as a major problem. Falling under the general category of mail fraud, this offense is defined by the 18 U.S.C § 1343. This US Code states that any scheme to defraud or steal money or property through pretenses or faulty promises that is transmitted through wire, radio, or television is considered to be wire fraud. Such an act can occur across state lines or through foreign commerce. The punishment for this offense is the same for that of mail fraud.

Protecting Your Rights Under the U.S. Constitution

An honest service is the third area that the general category of mail fraud deals with. This has to do with the services that are offered by the Postal Service. This institution has been around as long as our country has had its sovereignty. The founding fathers actually included it in the US Constitution.

As it has been around for so long, American citizens have come to expect and rely on this organization's services. When such activity is interfered with or obstructed, the punishment is severe. This category is of course much less concrete than the previous two. Services of any sort are intangible commodities and are therefore difficult to measure.

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