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What Is the Age of Consent in Florida?

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

September 13, 2019

Did you know that every state has its own age of consent law? In fact, the age of consent could be anywhere from 16-18 depending on the state in question. That’s why knowing your home state’s laws is essential because it could be different from others.

Age of Consent in Florida

The age of consent in Florida is 18-years-old, which means anyone who is 18 or older can partake in consensual sexual relations with anyone who is at least 18 years old. In other words, any consenting adult can sleep with any other consenting adult in Florida. While this aspect of the law is straightforward, we must discuss Flordia’s “Romeo & Juliet” law.

Florida’s “Romeo & Juliet” Law

Florida adheres to a “Romeo & Juliet” law, which says that anyone 23-years-old or younger can have consensual relations with someone who is at least 16. Therefore, a 23-year-old can legally sleep with anyone who is 16 or older. However, if the older party was 24, or if the younger party was 15, then it would be an illegal act.

Not Knowing Someone’s Age Is Not a Defense

It’s important to note that not knowing a partner’s age is not a defense for statutory rape. Therefore, if a 25-year-old sleeps with a 17-year-old, he or she could be charged for statutory rape, even if the 17-year-old lied and said he or she was 18.

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