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5 Common Risk Factors for Domestic Violence

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

February 3, 2022

There is no set profile for the type of person who commits acts of domestic violence. However, there are some factors that, when present, may make individuals prone to behave aggressively. Let’s discuss five factors that may make someone more likely to engage in domestic assault.

1. Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol and drugs can cause people to act in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. These substances alter the way we think, how we perceive the world around us, and ultimately, how we behave.

When drinking alcohol, some people become more aggressive. This inclination to argue and fight is exacerbated by heightened impulsivity while intoxicated. When this all occurs, it may lead some individuals to engage in domestic violence.

2. Financial Stress

Financial stress can be overpowering. When you’re in a difficult financial situation and lack security, it is hard to stop thinking about it. This deep stress can cause some people to become easily agitated or fight with their significant other about money woes. When these arguments get out of hand, it may lead to violence.

3. Impulsivity

While heightened impulsivity may come from drinking and drugs, some people’s brains are pre-programmed to be more impulsive than normal.

People who are naturally impulsive may have:

  • Reduced serotonin
  • Amygdala hyperactivity
  • Reduced prefrontal inhibition

These biological factors can make individuals prone to act violently when upset.

4. Social Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into question how social isolation impacts domestic violence. Many have found a link between the two. As people spend more time together with no outside visitors, it can lead to an increase in domestic violence.

5. A History of Violence

Domestic violence tends to be generational. In many cases, individuals who engage in domestic violence were once witnesses to, or victims of, abuse.

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