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It is critical to retain the services of an attorney who has courtroom experience, maintains open communication, is familiar with the local courts, and understands criminal law. Since we have decades of experience handling numerous cases – both as former prosecutors and as defense attorneys – we are comfortable presenting arguments before judges and juries and are familiar with with local courts. While we seek to resolve matters before trial, we prepare for each case as if it will be litigated.

At Hager and Schwartz, P.A., we maintain open communication ensuring your concerns are addressed immediately while working hard at solving cases without needlessly going forward into trials if an agreement can be reached beforehand. When you hire us, our clients are guaranteed that we will fight aggressively for their best interests. We make sure clients are involved in the decision-making concerning the progress of their case and we will take care of all the important details so there's no need to worry about anything else but getting back on track with your life.


When facing criminal charges, hiring an experienced Broward County criminal defense lawyer is vital. Broward County has long been known as one of Florida's toughest jurisdictions when it comes to prosecutions and our team will be ready for anything that comes up during this process - we are here at your side every step along the way!

Our Broward County criminal lawyers provide top-quality legal representation for a range of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • Assault and battery: These are separate offenses in Florida. In Florida, Assault is the act of threatening to cause injury to another and Battery is physically contacting someone or causing bodily harm to them.
  • Disorderly conduct: A second-degree misdemeanor occurring when someone engages in fighting or behavior that disrupts the peace or upsets public decency.
  • Domestic violence: Occurring when a person commits a crime against their family or household member.
  • Elder abuse: The alleged harm, neglect, or exploitation of elderly or disabled adults.
  • Federal crimes: These offenses involve prohibited conduct that violates federal laws or crosses state lines or country borders.
  • Fraud: Fraud crimes involve the intentional misrepresentation of facts or the deliberate deception for personal gain. It can take many forms, including financial fraud, insurance fraud, and identity fraud.
  • Juvenile crimes: A case will be handled by the juvenile justice system if a person under 18 years old allegedly commits an offense. This is a different process from those handled in adult court.
  • Murder: Murder is the unlawful killing of another. In Florida, there are three degrees of this offense, first-degree being the most serious.
  • Manslaughter: In the state of Florida, manslaughter is defined as the killing of another human being without premeditation or intent to harm. Generally separated into two categories: manslaughter by act, which involves directly causing a death, and manslaughter by culpable negligence, which involves recklessly causing a death through actions or omissions.
  • Hit and run: Leaving the scene charges refer to leaving the scene of a car accident without providing identification or rendering aid. Typically hit and runs involve property damage, but also include accidents where someone is injured or killed. Hit and run charges can vary in severity (misdemeanor or felony) depending on the extent of the damage and injuries caused, but they can lead to hefty fines and even jail time for the perpetrator.
  • Sex crimes: Various offenses are considered sex crimes. They include, but are not limited to, prostitution, rape, sexual battery, child molestation, and child pornography. In some cases, a conviction can result in a requirement to register as a sex offender.
  • White collar crimes: White collar crimes are financially motivated, non-violent crimes typically committed by business and government professionals. However, anyone can be charged with them. These crimes often involve some form of fraud or deceit and can range from embezzlement to insider trading to white collar extortion.
  • Weapons charges: Florida law enumerates several types of weapons offenses, such as brandishing a firearm, discharging a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a gun, and unlawful sale of firearms.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Broward County can help you expunge your record. This legal vehicle essentially clears the criminal information from public access, opening up opportunities that were once closed due to them being on file. Expunging an offense can make it easier for people who have been struggling because of their past mistakes or misdeeds get back into society.

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