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Taxation is a reality for most Americans. Unfortunately, it can be an overwhelming reality. Many Americans feel as though they do not have the resources to actually pay all that they owe the government. Sometimes, people forget to fill out their tax return because life is busy and full of distractions. Whatever the situation, the federal government takes these violations of the tax code very seriously.

It can very easy to suddenly find yourself in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because of a simple mistake. If you are in this position, you need to be aware of what actually constitutes tax evasion so that you can defend yourself.

Legal Requirements

The government is aware that mistakes happen. Therefore, if you forget to fill out your tax return one year, it is not a major issue - it is merely a misdemeanor. However, if a failure to do so one year turns into multiple years, it may turn into a federal crime.

These are common red flags the IRS tends to look for:

  • Underreporting income
  • Failing to cooperate with IRS
  • Concealing illegal behaviors or activities
  • Has more write-offs or deductions than usual
  • Hiding money in offshore bank accounts

Anyone or any company who is accused of participating in any of the above offenses will be facing serious penalties. In order for a conviction to be upheld, the federal government must prove a number of aspects that must be present for it to actually constitute tax evasion.

The first aspect is that there was an initial tax requirement that was avoided. Then it must be shown that the evasion was a part of a scheme to purposefully refuse to pay taxes. There must clearly be motive behind the deception. The motive is an integral part of the entire case. It is also the hardest to prove.

Anyone convicted of this crime may be punished with a fine, jail time, or both. For normal tax evasion, jail time cannot exceed 20 years.

What Can I Do?

Facing tax evasion charges can be very frightening; however, you cannot allow fear to keep you from taking action. The government is burdened with the duty to prove your guilt. There must be no reasonable doubt that you intended to commit such a fraud and planned an entire scheme to do so.

To defend yourself from these charges, it is vital that you hire a defense attorney as soon as possible. A legal professional will be able to guide you through the all the procedures and advice you one which path you should take. Our team desires to come along side you during this time and help you aggressively defend your white collar crime case.

Contact Hager & Schwartz, P.A. to schedule a free case consultation if you are facing accusations of tax evasion.

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