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Does Anyone Driver Better Buzzed or High?

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

December 14, 2018

Many people say that alcohol or weed helps them accomplish feats they couldn’t regularly execute. For example, some people say a couple of drinks helps them nail a bullseye in darts; others say their beer pong capabilities go through the roof after a toke, and a few claim to be better drivers after getting buzzed. Can alcohol or weed actually help people drive better, or is it just a dangerous myth?

Do People Driver Better Buzzed or High?

In short, the answer is a resounding no. Science shows that people impaired by alcohol or THC have slower reaction times and less concentration than their sober selves. Therefore, while you may feel like a better driver while impacted by drugs or alcohol, there is no doubt that you do not drive better while buzzed or high.

Why the Myth Exists

Unfortunately, many people believe being buzzed or high helps their driving due to the possible emotional “advantages” of impairment. There is a reason people call alcohol “liquid courage,” as drinks can decrease a person’s anxiety due to a lowering of his or her inhibitions. This increased risk-taking can make people believe they drive better, when in fact, they are just more willing to be an aggressive driver (which isn’t a great combination when mixed with the temporary impairment of alcohol brain).

On the stoner side of the debate, weed calms people down and gives them a sense of peace. While alcohol decreases inhibitions, smoking pot decreases people’s sense of urgency. Therefore, a driver who usually gets frustrated while behind the wheel may be more relaxed after smoking, but again, the temporary decrease in reflexes and concentration does more damage to a person’s driving capabilities than their emotional state helps.

We hope this blog was insightful and helpful. If friends ever say they drive better while impaired, you know where to direct their attention!